It’s not about if you will love me tomorrow, is a dance performance by Androniki Marathaki that explores the relationship between the dancer and the audience. Between dancing for oneself as opposed to performing for the applause.
In Part 2, this experimentation comes through the form of playing.

Four performers share a moving stage, playing a game that is based upon the concept of fair-cake cutting, that is, a division of space, not necessarily in equal parts, but in parts which embrace and appeal to each participant’s individual values and preferences.

The goal was to build a teasing and vibrant visual identity that would convey the spontaneity of this game-like performance. Set in an industrial space, the show addressed the cultural audience of Athens & Epidaurus Festival.

The design idea was inspired by the game of tic-tac-toe. Serving as a highly recognizable metaphor for playing, this concept was expanded to a set of visuals illustrating the secondary layers of the performance across the various applications.  

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